Friday, August 10, 2012

The Friday Diary: Goodbye, Wonderful Week


So today concludes my birthday week.
And what better way to wrap it up than to be heading out of town with Bill today?
I couldn't think of one if I tried.


Dear Bill, This week was so lovely. You made my birthday beautiful, and you made me feel so loved and cared for. Thank you for always caring about the little things as much as I do.
Dear Chris, You've most definitely become my best friend at work, and a true friend even outside the office. You're sweet and hilarious and I don't know how I'd get through a Monday without you.  I like you more than hot coffee and pictures of Juanita.
Dear Lainie and Jack, I loved your handmade birthday cards, and I loved the glitter on the floor and scraps of paper all over the house that showed how hard you worked on them.
Thank you for making my birthday that much sweeter.


Me: Lainie, how was your first day of third grade?! Tell me everything!
Lainie: It was SO GOOD. 
Me: Why?
Lainie: We had bean burritos for lunch!!!

I wish my life was still this simple.


School Days:

Lainie started 3rd grade on Tuesday. Holy crap. I am so cliche, because every year I always say the same thing "She like JUST BORN yesterday."
Jackson was very upset that he wasn't starting big kid school too, as you can see.
All in good time, buddy.
And all too soon.


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