Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Happy Birthday

Apron.  ♥

Today started off good, with my best work friend Chris bringing me flowers and dark chocolate {pink roses-my favorite!} to me in the morning, and then a delicious lunch with her, Bill and our other work pal Hector, at DeFalco's in Scottsdale.
As you can see by the first picture, I was given my very own Canon Rebel.
I very nearly had a heart attack. This is almost the exact same camera that Bill and I got to play with in Italy. The camera that I fell so desperately in love with it was ridiculous.
And now I have one!
I can take pictures of everything I eat for the rest of my life.
You don't have to say it, Bill, I already know you're excited.
I also got a lovely apron and oven mit {shown above} from Bill's fantastic sister Lori.
I'm telling you, this lady is a seriously amazing gift giver. 
No surprise, really, Bill is too.
The apron was something I've been coveting since I saw it on Pinterest over a month ago, and I was so happy that I wrote Lori a very sincere and awkward thank you note that should be creeping up her mailbox in the next few days.
And then she will regret ever giving me presents, fucking immediately.
To wrap it all up, the kids and I went out for steak and fried pickles for dinner, and I learned that Jackson is already a medium rare steak kind of guy. When his meat wasn't red enough in the middle, he asked to send it back.
A boy after my own heart.

So this has been a truly lovely birthday, and so far being 25 is starting out pretty damn well.

Thank you to all the people who made it special.
I truly am one very lucky birthday girl.


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