Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Do You Want to Leave Behind?

Have you ever thought about your obituary?
This might sound morbid and weird, but....when do I not sound morbid and weird?
In my high school English class we were given the assignment of writing our own obituaries, as we'd want them to be, if we passed away. It could be as if you died tomorrow, or in 80 years.
Mine was sarcastic, and not serious at all.
I think I wrote that I died by being crushed by an elephant while dressed as a giant peanut.
My teacher wasn't amused.
Bill and I were talking the other night about all the places we want to go, and all the things we want to do, and what we hope our lives will be like in 5 or 10 years.
It made me think about that obituary I wrote.
I don't want to die dressed as peanut.
I really don't want to ever do anything dressed as a peanut....
So I rewrote mine.

"Sarah passed away over the weekend, passing peacefully in her sleep on a beach side Palapa in the Maldives. She was 112. Sarah led an adventurous life, having traveled to over 60 different states, islands and countries in her lifetime. Rarely seen without her camera, she leaves behind bookshelves full of photo albums for her two children, Lainie and Jackson, both grown with children and grandchildren of their own. In the 112 years she lived, she made every effort to make the most out of every second. And whether she was hiking through a jungle in Indonesia, or savoring espresso in a small cafe in Rome, or reading Dr. Seuss to her children, and eventually her grandchildren before bed, she approached every moment as if it were a great adventure. Sarah will be buried at sea, and following the services will be a very awesome party for all the people she loved, where no one is allowed to wear black, and everyone is required to have a shot of Patron and laugh about the good memories she left them with."

What do you want yours to say?

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