Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Update and A Poem

Jon Hamm

So I started working on the video blog last night, and holy wow guys, that ish is hard.
I basically feel like I'm sitting there talking to myself, which gives me these weird flashbacks to when I was little and tried to convince everyone it was my choice that my only friends were stuffed animals.
I've also learned I am terribly unfunny when there's no one else around.
Somehow my humor just doesn't come out when I'm home alone talking to my camera. I can practically hear the crickets.

Super unsettling.

In any case, the video will be up tomorrow, and I will most likely be curled up in the fetal position on my floor feeling far too vulnerable and sober.
I'm a surprisingly shy person sometimes.

Anyhow, I must leave you now to go finish this video thing, so in my absence I shall leave you with a poem, and the incredibly beautiful picture of Jon Hamm from Mad Men at the top of the post.
Because HOT.


Make me forget my heart was ever broken.
Take your words and press them into the soft parts of my chest and make them stay there.
Wrap me in your big arms, whisper in my ear
Tell me there's no place on Earth like here.
Make me forget that promises can break like glass.
Press your lips against mine and make them stay there.
Hold me til I fall asleep, kiss me on my tear stained cheek.
Tell me that I'm yours to keep.
Make me forget that people almost always leave.
Your hands feel good in my hair and they can stay there.
Look into my eyes, put your hand over my heart
Tell me you'll follow me into the dark.
Never let me go.

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