Friday, October 12, 2012

The Friday Diary: New Music and Old News


Happy Friday everybody.
Soooo....I'm an asshole. I recorded the questions video, I edited it, won't upload. At least not in any format that doesn't crash like half a second into the video. I've tried everything. I don't know how to fix it. But I promise I'll keep trying. I'm sorry. I am just the worst.
But today, let's resume normal Friday rambling recapping. Exciting right?....RIGHT?

Let's move on.


10 Songs for Your Broken Heart:

It doesn't matter why your heart is broken, music will help.


Dear Fall, Goddamn it, I love you kid.
Dear Jackson, if you keep saying no EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell you to do something, we are going to have problems. And by "we" I mean you, and by "problems" I mean good luck making your own dinner for yourself from now on!
Dear Lainie, you lost your second front tooth and spent the night at a friend's house for the first time, both in the same 24 hours. I cried after you left. I just love you, little one.
Dear Dad, stop it. Just stop it.
Dear Sedona, I miss you.


Looking Back:

This time last year...



Season 9 of Grey's Anatomy has started, and only two episodes in I am no less than completely obsessed-again. Time to get back on the emotional roller coaster that is this show, and ride.


We're Just Like You, Only Prettier by Celia Rivenbark

Sort of a memoir, sort of a series of rants about the differences between Southerners and Yankees. Through and through true and hilarious.
I snorted.

Favorite Quote-
Freak: Oh look, there's Joel! Yoo hoo! Joel! I'm so glad you could make it tonight. And who's your friend? She's absolutely stunning!
Normal Person: Look. There's Joel, that lying sack of shit. Who's the cheap Christmas trash hanging all over him? Wait a minute, I'll just say hello. Hi Joel. Have you told Lil' Kim here that you still wet the bed?


Crispy Chicken Tortilla Rollups w/Spicy Avocado Dip
Recipe Here

These were delicious. I made 20 of them, and there were NO left overs. Even the kids ate like a bunch of them.
I added black beans and forgot to turn them. Still delicious.


And Now, Funny Shit from the Internet:
The world's greatest essay, written by a 12-year-old who really, really hates plain doughnuts.

Happy Friday, everybody.

Go get weird this weekend.

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