Friday, October 5, 2012

Inspire Me: An Invitation for Uncensored Q&A

Q & A

When I am uninspired, there used to be one place I could always go for an idea. For a spark of creativity in the form of a phrase or a look or a touch. Something random and excellent that made words flow forth from me as if all my insides were made up solely of beauty and inspiration.
That place is gone.

So I'm coming to you.

I am bored, and I am terribly uninspired.
Give me something to talk about.
Distract me.
Give me something to ponder.

How, you ask?

Well, I've never done a video blog before. Mainly I resisted because not only are they frighteningly trendy, but also because I have a manly voice and I never knew what the hell to talk about, and I secretly get grossed out when people call them "vlogs". Just say that word out loud with me, everyone: VLOG.
Anyway, I've never done one, and now that I am bored and out of words, I figured it's time.

What shall I vlog {gross} about, and how are you supposed to help me with it, you ask?

Ask me anything.
Yep. You read that right.
I am doing a no holds barred Q&A.
Ask me anything, and I will answer all of your dark, burning questions in my vlog {I need to rename that before I vomit}.

Please don't post questions in the comments below. I want everyone to be surprised by what's asked and how I answer, so email them to me at

No naked pictures of you though, please.

Send them to me all this week, and yes you can ask more than one question, and on Thursday night I will make the VIDEO BLOG and we will never ever call it a vlog, and then it will post up on Friday.


Help me out here guys.

Unless you want to read more about what I do when I'm depressed.
{Hint: cry and write bad poetry}

Can't wait to see what you all ask!

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