Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little Things

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Sometimes it's the little things.
Like going to bed knowing the kitchen is {for once} spotless and clean.
Wearing your favorite boots every day this week, because why not?
A song coming on unexpectedly that you haven't taken the time to listen to in years, and how it makes you stop what you're doing and just listen. How often do I do that anymore?
Stop, and just listen.
Fall creeping in slowly, and the mornings getting colder, which somehow makes me want to get up earlier to stand outside in thick socks with coffee, and enjoy the feeling of shivering.
I'm such a weird person...
Text messages that make you smile, books that make you cry, 4 year olds that make you laugh, 8-almost-9-year olds that still let you kiss them goodbye in front of their friends even though it's uncool.
Piping hot showers before bed, that cleanse the skin and the soul and turn my tense muscles to butter.
For the first time in my life, not over thinking everything.
Having a half day at work tomorrow and knowing that I'm using my extra free time to buy a dining room table {finally}.
Oh, and let's not forget: the beautiful picture of Mr. Dempsey at the top of the post.
Goddamn it I love dark haired smoldery men in trench coats and other general East Coast winter attire.

It's the little things y'all. 

Happy Thursday.


  1. Patrick Dempsey is the reason why I started to watch Grey's Anatomy, and still love the show!!! He's simply awesome and handsome!
    You're right, the little things are the best. I also enjoy to simply have time for listening to music, or spending time with my family and friends.

    The little things create the biggest pleasures.

    Happy thursday, Sarah.

    1. Oh my God, I love Grey's. Such a good show. Happy Thursday to you, too! Have an awesome weekend :)