Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Diary: Soup, Books and Nonsense


Holy wow, guys, Friday already?!
I'm just kidding. This week went by so slow I thought it would literally kill me.
I thought it was Wednesday on Tuesday, and then I thought it was jeans day on Friday {WHICH IT WASN'T} and basically, I'm lucky I survived.
So let's wrap it up.
Shine On by The Kooks on Grooveshark

Dear Kids Who Live Across The Street, please stop making me dislike you. I was so excited for the kids to have friends to play with, especially seemingly nice ones, right. across. the street. But your pension for breaking into my car to play in it while I'm making dinner, and the weird way you're always just blank staring at me when I ask you why Jackson is crying is really pissing me off. Stop it. Just stop it.
Dear Weird Guy at Wildflower Bread Co., I'm not sure what made you think it was ok to try to touch my hair just because you've "never seen a hair color quite like mine", but it wasn't ok. Try it again and I will be forced to Karate chop your ambiguously old neck.
Dear Lainie, you're losing teeth faster than you can grow new ones in. Currently you're missing 3, and while watching you try to eat makes me feel sad for you, I can't stop looking at you because you're just so freaking cute with your big toothless smile. I want you to stay like this forever. I'll just make soup every day.


This Time Last Year:

Yep. Awkward.


there are plenty of other people on the land


Bridget Jones's Diary
I don't usually read typical "girly" books, but this week I read two of them. Bridget Jones and The Notebook. As for Bridget Jones, I like the book better than the movie. As for The Notebook, sadly, I like the movie better than the book.



Easiest baked potato soup in the history of ever. There was hardly any left....which seems to be getting pretty common lately. Either I'm an awesome cook, or my kids are just SUPER hungry these days. Or both.
Either way, the soup is still awesome.


1. Lunch date with Lainie on my last Friday off/2. 68 degrees!!! 68 degrees!! It's officially FALL in Phoenix! Woohoo!/3. A delicious solo lunch at Wildflower Bread Co. on Tuesday. I read, I ate soup, I was quite happy.

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