Friday, December 28, 2012

The Friday Diary: It's Back Sort of!

I am not good at many things, as you all know. Cleaning up after big days is definitely one of the areas where I am the weakest. After cooking a huge Thanksgiving meal, who wants to do dishes? After the kids tear through Christmas presents, wrapping paper bits flying about the room like dollar bills in a P Diddy video, who wants to clean up the living room?
Not I.
Especially after Christmas, I want to linger in the magic of the day, lounging about the house in my pajamas for as long as possible, leaving the tree up until New Years, and the kids new toys strewn about the living room as if they just opened them. That way they happen upon their new stuff all throughout the day, and I can sit on the couch and watch them tirelessly play for hours and hours.
And, that way, I don't have to clean. 
I'M STILL LIVING IN THE MAGIC, ASSHOLE, I can say to anyone who looks at the pit my home has become and says 'wow' as if the mess were unacceptable.

So that's what I've been doing with my Christmas break from work. I've been living in the magic, and not cleaning up anything. I've been wearing pajamas and pajamas only since Christmas Eve, and I have not left the house in a full 36 hours.

It's bliss.

I do however feel bad about not posting much lately, and especially for not doing a Friday Diary in a very long time. So let's get caught up, shall we?


Dear Christmas, I love you and I wish you could stay here forever.
Dear Family, you're weird, dysfunctional, blended and different, but I love you all anyway. 
Dear Jenn, next year let's not drink 3 bottles of wine and half a bottle of Whiskey with my dad on Christmas Eve, shall we?



A couple weekends ago {it's been that long since we've done a Friday Diary, y'all} Bill surprised me with tickets to see The Addams Family Broadway musical. It was awesome. I love The Addams Family, and I love plays, and I love doing fun stuff that is different and out of the ordinary. Quite a good surprise indeed.



I got this for Christmas. It's an Alice in Wonderland watch/necklace. It is perfect and wonderful in every way.


staircase and bookshelves

I want to live in a house like this someday.



My very first green bean casserole. Believe it or not, I've never made one before. 
It was awesome.



I gave my dad a tablet for Christmas and it was the closest I've ever come to seeing him as happy as a little boy on Christmas morning. He was so enthralled with the magic that is modern technology, he didn't put it down the rest of the day.
I gave Bill the same tablet for Christmas and he was less impressed.
Maybe next year he'll finally tell me what he wants then, won't he, BILL.


And now, something to make all of us who grew up in the 90's laugh:
63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better In The '90s -- hahahaha laughed at like every single one!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Friday, my loves. 

See you all on New Years Eve!


  1. Your green bean casserole looks amazing. Recipe? :) And yay for staying in pajamas and lounging around the house.

    1. Don't think me a loser, but I actually just used the recipe on the back of the box of French's crispy onion things, except I added some extra crispy onion things to the top, and a bunch of garlic. That's how I roll ;-) It was amazing though!