Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: What I learned

2012 was an interesting year for me.
Far better than a lot of past years in some ways, and far more hellish than some past years in other ways. I guess that’s life though.
I’d like to think that I learned a lot. That I've changed. I would also like to think that I've yet to hit my peak. The best parts of me maybe haven't even found their way to the surface, and some of the very best days of my life have yet to be lived.

Maybe it's a stupid dream, but I like to believe in it anyway.
2012 was a year of travel, love, lessons, tears, hard work, beauty, pain and hope.
I moved this year, Jackson turned 4 this year, Lainie turned 9, I turned 25 and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.
There were good holidays, lots of food, trying moments and a few good cry sessions in the bathroom.
We all survived the end of the world-again, and we saw the re-election of our president for a second term. We debated gun control laws, reproductive rights and I learned what the term Fiscal Cliff meant. 
I also learned that I am terrible at graceful exits, breakups, parallel parking and controlling the volume of my voice after 3 drinks. I'm an imperfect person.
I guess that you could sum this year up by just saying "it was another year of Life, and all that entails" 

I won't bore you by rattling off a list of resolutions, and a bunch of promises that most likely won't be kept, but I will say that I hope 2013 ends with all of us healthy, all of us safe, and all of us surrounded by the people who love us. I hope this year is full of lessons learned and real moments where people let their guard down, and show the softest and most tender parts of themselves, and are rewarded by acceptance and grace. 
I hope in 2013 we all take risks, be bold, be brave, and live as much as we can. 
I hope there are naps, and happy birthdays, and lots of good coffee dates with best friends.
I hope for more travel, more discovery, more kisses, more honesty, more openness and more joy.
I hope we all love as much and as deeply as we can.

Now, enjoy my year in review, and be sure to turn your volume on so you can hear the accompanying song. Otherwise it's just a bunch of pictures, and what's special about that?

Happy New Year.

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