Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Goals: January Recap

My goal for January was to use my camera every single day.
I did not.
But before you judge me too harshly, I want to point out that my life consists almost entirely of work and kids, so having something to take a picture of every day is so hard. I mean I can only take so many pictures of my kids sleeping before I start to look like a creeper, and when we're home at the end of the day, I'm cooking, they're bouncing off the walls, and I just don't often think to bust out my camera and snap away.
I did, however, learn to use my camera in Manual, I learned all the different color options, like Natural, Faithful, Portrait, etc. and I used the camera at least once in every different setting. Automatic is my least favorite, P is my first favorite, followed my AV and Manual.
In unrelated news, I am still a ginormous nerd.

I feel good about the goal, even if I didn't take a picture every day, I still learned a lot about my camera, and got much more comfortable with it, and that was the whole point of the goal anyway.

Here are the pictures from the month:

There are more, but they're test pictures I took when I was trying out the different settings, and I didn't think you all want to see a picture of my chair or lainie's hand in 6 different light settings and shutter speeds.


  1. This may sound ludicrous but maybe you should attach a camera to a hat, and just get a little remote so you can snap as you go about your life :) haha

    1. That is only slightly insane. I don't have a very strong neck so I think the constant weight of the camera on my head might kill me, lol. And I'm pretty short so it would probably end up being just a lot of pictures of other people's chest/shoulder area.