Friday, February 1, 2013

The Friday Diary: One Month Down, 11 to Go



Dear Life, stop being ridiculous.
Dear Heart, stop being stressed about ridiculous life.
Dear Stranger, you're still the one I want to call when something happens, even if you don't care to hear about it anymore.




The Help

Never one to be any less than several months or even years behind a trend, I finally read The Help. I loved it. So much. It's funny in a simple, real and unexpected way, and its sad, but in the end you feel hope. You feel like the main character got a little levity, maybe a little vindication, even if its not in the huge, dramatic way they always portray victories to be in movies. More the subtle, bittersweet way that they really happen in real life.




A dad illustrates the weird things he finds himself having to say to his children. This is hysterical.

I don't know why this makes me as happy as it does, but I just love it.





My date with Navidad to the Augustana acoustic show is TONIGHT. We're hoping to meet lots of angsty, soulful indie boys and not die in downtown Phoenix traffic. 
Randomly one-way streets and 5th avenue jail, you feel me? #whitegirlsinthecity.




Every single one of those articles is amazing. Read them. 








Happy Friday everyone.

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