Friday, March 8, 2013

The Friday Diary: There's a new taco at taco bell and Othello is the most racist board game ever

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1. I started my summer garden, in an effort to not hate summer this year. I guess I figured if I had something that forced me to go outside and attempt to enjoy the weather, like food growing on my patio, maybe this year my seasonal affective disorder wouldn't be so bad. So far I have spent more time outside, but mostly just staring at the plants and wondering when there will be strawberries with which I can make chocolate covered strawberries.
I even manage to make gardening a fattening activity.

2. As part of my March goal of making my house a home, I took to Ross on Sunday and bought a bunch of crap for my kitchen. Nothing major, just some stuff that fixes the little things that have been driving me apeshit about my kitchen. For example, the bottom of my coffee pot leaves this weird dark stain on my obscenely light colored counter tops, and it pisses me off having to bleach it all the time, so I found a tea serving tray for $2, and put the coffee pot on it. Problem solved. I'm sure you're thinking I could just have bought a new coffee pot and that'd be a more permanent solution, but I don't give up on things just because they become a little leaky or stain my counters all the time. I will expect the same from all of you when I get old or go crazy and start writing nonsensically about things nobody cares about.
Oh, wait...

3. I have a conference today with Lainie's new teacher, and I'm a little nervous because the last time I went to her school to talk to one of her teachers, the day ended with me verbally assaulting a third grade teacher in front of all the parents and kids int he kiss and ride line, and then her telling the principal she was scared for her safety. My response was no less inappropriate than you'd assume: I said you should be.
Here's hoping that tomorrow goes better..

4. Lainie finally let me cut her hair after over a month of having epic battles in the living room, trying to get two monster knots out that had officially become dread locks. It's so adorable I just want to eat her.

5. These came out this week:
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 I had one on Wednesday, and it was even more amazing than it sounds. Also, you know you like junk food a little too much when one of your friends texts you to tell you a new taco came out at Taco Bell, AND one of your co-workers emails you about the same taco the next day, because they both know a new taco is pretty much the same to you as a new car.

6. The other night, I walked into the garage where my dad was sitting on an old kitchen chair, seemingly staring off into space. I asked what he was doing and he says "Trying to think of more jokes for my stand up routine" - with a completely serious tone and expression. This was fascinating to me, because in the 25 years I've known him, I've never known him to speak in front of more than 5 people at once, let alone tell jokes often or ever once do stand up. "I didn't know you did stand up" I replied casually. All of a sudden he yells "YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME AT ALL" and storms out of the garage. I wasn't sure what to do or how to handle it, so I decided to make a note in my journal for Future Sarah that said "When Lainie is in the throws of teenage girl hormones, don't ever tell her you didn't know she does stand up"

7. Ever listened to Paul McDonald? You should. I guess he was on some show called "American Idol" which doesn't sound very popular, but I found him on one of the only shows that's ever mattered, Parenthood. He's amazing.

8. I found this on Pinterest:
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It made me laugh for well over an hour. Are there dating website dedicated exclusively to finding single men who used to live in Boston but now live in Arizona and still have their adorable accent? You guys look around and report back to me.

9. One of my favorite bloggers took a month off from the internets, and she's back now with a moving and powerful post on what it's like to disconnect for that long. Read it here.

10. And last but not least, I played Othello with Jackson the other night, receiving more than just a fun half hour of quality time with my son. This kid is hilarious, random, and way too smart for his age. I love four year old logic.

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  1. Ok, so here's what you're gonna need for the HOT-DOG PASTA
    i'm just gonna go with European measures, coz i'm lazy, but it's like a pack of pasta and big pack of cream

    500 g macaroni
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    6 hot-dog sausages

    garlic, how much you think it's fine, i'd go with 5-6 cloves
    salt, pepper
    some chives

    Cook the pasta and leave it.

    Chop the onions in bigger pieces, put them on low heat in rather big pan on 2 tbl spoons of butter. Now, you want the onion to be still white and sweet, not brown and crispy.
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    You can do it with chicken breast, or broccoli, or muchrooms instead of hot-dogs, but then it's dinner not midnight comfort food snack. It's sweet and soft and I love it. Chives are essentional, give some freshness to the sause.

    My mom made it up one day we came back home deep in the night and had almost nothing in the fridge. I remember her running in pyjamas to the garden for the chives :)