Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do You Wanna Be My Sponsor? {In a bloggy way, not an alcoholics anonymous kind of way}

Here is a completely random and unnecessary picture of Ryan Gosling in the rain, for you to look at whilst waiting for me to get to my point.


So, homies.
I've been running this little baby blog here for a couple years now {holy, woah you guys} and I've managed to {some fucking crazy how} garner a decent following. When I decided to go private, I was overwhelmed and touched by all the requests I got for access to keep reading.
When I went public again {oh, hey girl, hey, we're live again, did I mention that?} my reader stats were right back up where they used to be without missing a beat.
I love you guys, you know?
Anyhow, I was thinking that maybe it's time to jump on the old bandwagon of blog sponsorship.
But I want to do it differently.
At least at first, instead of charging, what about an ad swap?
You put my button on your page, I put your button on my page, we call it a good day.
Sound fair?
Let's both agree to run the ads for 30 days so that if either of us hates it or wants to start charging for ad space after that, they don't have to send a super awkward email that's like "Hey it's been really nice doing this free sponsorship thing when we were both losers with no followers, but I'm cool now and want to charge money for my space, so hows about you GTFO?"
I'm kidding. No one would ever say that....right?
Anyhow, if you're interested in being best friends with me, send me an email at my absurdly long and weird email address preciousbabybelly@gmail.com
Even if you don't want to sponsor with me, send me an email anyway.
We can discuss important things like economic trends in the United States and our favorite varieties of cheese. 

Love you.
That was weird.

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