Friday, April 12, 2013

The Friday Diary: All the things happening RIGHT NOW.

Hi everyone. 
Guess what I'm doing?
Yep. I am actually sitting here, at 11:29 a.m., typing this shit out. This is not a scheduled post. 
I'm excited. 
{Clearly I get excited easily}
Today's post will be short, because I'm dying my hair right now {You should see me in my super sexy purple shower cap} and I have to wash this shit out in 10 minutes. 
BUT. I wanted to come by and ramble at y'all for a few minutes away. 

1. I'm off today, which is awesome, but as it stands right now I have zero plans for my weekend outside of 48 loads of laundry and this hair dye burning my scalp as we speak. Who wants to come play with me?

2. This afternoon I have plans for a coffee date with a former Doula client who is expecting her second baby, and asked me to attend the birth. I am literally so excited I could pee myself {just kidding, I already did}. Sometimes I miss the whole Birth thing so much, you know?
But it's one of those dreams that I've let go. For now, if not forever. It's still nice to go back and visit it from time to time though.

3. Have you heard this song?

It is perfect, and on steady repeat in The Dillinger {my car} this week.

4. Are you on Pinterest yet? Cuz for real, you need to come chill with me there. They have funny pictures and recipes for enchiladas. 

5. Flash back time, yo. Remember this, from last year?
By the way, Jackson never did have that baby....

6. I finally started reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck. This book has literally been in my posession for upwards of 12 years, and I've never touched it, because, honestly it sounded boring as hell. But it's not! It's actually really, really good. Granted it's fucking huge, and I'm only like 5 chapters into it, which is basically nothing, but so far I love it. What's your favorite classic?

7. I have nothing else interesting to tell you, and this dye is seriously fucking itchy, so I'm off to the shower.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. Great post. I think often it's the unscheduled ones where you see a real personality shine through. It was pure enjoyment reading it!