Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Friday Diary: Ruts, Routines, and Sailboats

Hey everyone, guess what? 
It's Friday!
Good to see we all made it out alive.
This week I felt very stagnant, and stuck in some kind of rut.
I spent a lot of time alternating between looking up hair cuts I shouldn't get and vacations I can't afford.
I need a change.
I need something exciting or fun or good to happen to shake the dust off.
Let's face it, it's been a long and not so easy month.
Sick kids, personal drama, love life drama, and let's not forget the whole getting a restraining order on my dad thing.
That was neat.
I came across this blog, sent to me by a good friend who shares my fantasy of someday escaping the monotony of grown-up life, and living out an epic adventure.
It's all about a couple who took a year long sailing trip with their daughter around the Pacific.
It's amazing, and it awakens in me some lovely daydreams of chucking it all, buying a sailboat and getting the fuck out of here.
Away of all the unrealistic expectations, and all the people who take shit way too seriously.
Someday. Hopefully.
This weekend I'm looking forward to blowing off some steam. Possibly going out Saturday and remembering that life is also fun, and the big picture is not ultimately made up of petty people and mind numbing routines.
Also The Great Gatsby movie comes out in two weeks, so I will be very busy getting myself as unbelievably excited for that as possible.
I saw the trailer for it for the first time last weekend and I damn near cried and wet my pants at the same time.
Ok, who am I kidding. 
I did wet my pants. 

What do you daydream about?
What are you doing this weekend?

Happy Friday, my lovers.

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