Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Goals: May Goal Revised

My original goal for May was to Do Something Special for Someone Special.
After me and that Someone Special broke up, I figured I should find a new goal.
I'm thinking I will probably still go ahead with my original plan to do something nice for someone special, since I'm a nice fucking person, and also since I know a lot of special people, and could really use some good Karma after I threw a candy bar at that lovely couple in Target the other day, but
I also decided to come up with a secondary goal for May, to supplement the fact that my first goal isn't exactly going to work out the way I'd planned.
Basically I'm completely fucking winging it here, so try to stay with me.
Anyhow, I decided to subject myself to a weekly dare, and the goal is to complete each weekly dare 100%
If I can pull each one off, I'll be a better person and a better goal achiever by the end of the month. 
If I can't complete each one, I will buy all of my readers Starbucks. 
Just kidding, that could potentially get expensive as hell.

My first goal for Week One is: Pipe The Fuck Down.
Lately I've been bitching like a mother fucker. 
About everything, really.
I'm stressed and I'm drained and I feel stuck in this awful rut. 
Also I'm overwhelmed as all shit, and there is a lot that feels uncertain about my life right now. 
For instance, is Parenthood getting renewed for another season, or not, because I can't just keep living with not knowing!
Anyway, I've been a bitter, complainy little asshole and it's time to stop that shit.
I have a house, I have a job, I have a car and healthy kids and food and a pretty neat cat and so far I haven't found any gray hairs, AND there is a new episode of Grey's Anatomy on this week.
Life is good, so I'm going to pipe the fuck down and be grateful.

Wish me luck, and and stay tuned for the rest of May's weekly dares.
Gonna be some good shit, I promise. 

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  1. pipe the fuck down is one of my FAV phrases!! and in the spirit of that... watch this: i feel like you and jenna marbles would be fantastic friends