Friday, June 14, 2013

The Friday Diary: I'm tired and out of coffee, so let's make this quick.

Hello, my dearest ones.
We all made it to Friday.
Is anyone else as exhausted as I am?
I don't know why, but me and even both the kids, just seem to be wiped today.
I think we're all three really, really ready for the weekend.
I need to sleep until 10 and then go to Starbucks in yoga pants and crazy hair.
That's the definition of Saturday.
Father's Day is this weekend, but seeing as how I am not a father, and neither of my children have fathers, and I'm not currently speaking to my father, I guess I'm off the hook, right?
It can just be Sunday.
That's fine by me.
If you're looking for something to listen to, I suggest that the soundtrack for this weekend be "Step" by Vampire Weekend, and "Barfly" by Ray Lamontagne.
The drink of choice will be Vodka and Lemonade.
Shorts, tank tops, and sandals are required at all times.

Happy Friday.
Try to stay awake.

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