Monday, July 1, 2013

A Home is for Families

backyard lights

Lately I've been feeling this overwhelming urge - no, Need, to create. 
Sadly, I've been needing to create a lot of things other than writing, but still. The lust is there.
My creative beasty is alive and well, and roaring inside me to the extent that I am up at night thinking of all of the things I want to do and make and create RIGHTNOW, that I spend more time in bed writing notes down than I do sleeping.
I have the puffy eyes and shitty disposition to prove it.
A lot of what I've been dying to create has to do with my living spaces.
I'm becoming more and more focused on my home life lately.
If I were pregnant I would call it Nesting, but I'm not, but I'll still call it Nesting because I think it's cute.
I want to do so many things with my house to make it reflect more and more of our lives and personalities.
For instance, I want all the chalkboard walls. 
Like this one from Nest of Posies, and this one from 6th Street Design School, and this one from Tales of Me and the Husband. I think chalkboard walls are so whimsical and sweet, and they are also really pretty and striking. They draw your attention, and they say "Hey! Get comfortable! Kids live here."
I want a functional, but pretty work space, where I can feel inspired and creative without taking up the whole dining room table, or getting glitter in my bed.
Like this, from Anne The Adventurer.
I want to make a cozy place for Lainie to read, and a living room that makes people want to take off their shoes, plop on the couch, and stay a while.
I want to cultivate something that's cozy and charming, whimsical and sweet, but all around comfortable and relaxing.
A place where you don't feel uptight or like you might break something or like spilling things is against the law.
A place where everyone can just hang out.
Lay around, sit around, draw on the walls.
Just be here, and be family.

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