Friday, June 28, 2013

The Friday Diary: Let's All Just Be Happy Ok?

These get me every time!

I decided for this week's diary to make a list of a few of the things that make me happy right now.
We all need a little more happy in our lives, right?

1. I found these Converse today, thanks to Bridget. Can I please have 10 pairs of them? I'm a size 8, in case you were wondering.
2. I let Lainie make a board on Pinterest, because addicts need company, and her board is literally nothing but pictures of cats and directions for Fairy houses. I love her.
3. I discovered apple flavored beer made by ShockTop. I may actually decide to like both Summer and beer. Rednecks everywhere rejoice.
4. My awesome friend Camdon was able to get me an MP3 copy of Ray Lamontagne's album Acre of Land, which I have been searching high and low for, since literally over a year ago. He also made my computer finally work. Nerd friends are best friends.
5. I am off today, and it's payday. I not only get to wear jeans, but I also get to wear SHORTS and TANK TOPS and FLIP FLOPS, and as long as I have sunglasses on, no makeup is required.
Just some Starbucks and a smile.
6. Tonight I get to hang out with one of my favorite people, and tomorrow I get to hang out with ANOTHER one of my best friends. It's cool fun girl time!
7. Champagne. Cold, sweet, crisp, bubbly, champagne that tickles my mouth and makes me happy.

Happy Friday everyone.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Or anything I would.

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