Friday, July 5, 2013

The Friday Diary: It's July and I'm Somehow Surprised by That.

Friday is officially here, and also so is July.
We're seven freaking months into the year, and you'll have to excuse me whilst I be incredibly cliche: it's going by fast.
The goal for July is to take my kids to the beach. This is kind of something that will either happen or it won't, so I'll let you know if it does, and at least you don't have to read a million posts about how I'm failing at yet another monthly goal.
This was a particularly good week, seeing as how I only worked for three days of it, and yesterday I got to eat all the grilled meats I wanted.
I'm a sucker for a good Bratwurst.
This weekend the kids and I will be laying low.
Resting and relaxing and staying out of the heat.
I see quite a few trips to the self serve frozen yogurt place on the corner in our future.
I see pajamas and messy hair and ceiling fans always going.
Trips to the pool, mid-day naps, and soft, sunscreen and chlorine soaked little kids.

I hope your weekend is as lovely as possible.

Happy Friday.

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