Monday, August 12, 2013

My 12th Friend Anniversary

12 years ago today, I was a scared high school freshman, at a new school, in a new area, where I knew no one.
I stood in the halls with a terrible haircut and sweaty palms, clutching my class schedule and having no idea where I was supposed to go, or what I was supposed to do, or who I was going to have lunch with.
I spotted a girl standing against a wall, looking just as scared and sweaty as I was.
Boldly, I approached her.
Hi, I'm Sarah, I said. 
I'm Meghan, she responded.
Do you want to be best friends? I asked.
Sure, she answered.
And thus, our friendship was born.
Meghan was weird, and different, like me. She was socially awkward and didn't like most people, like me.
And from that point on, she has been one of the closest people to me.
We've had our ups and downs. 
We've seen each other through so much that life brings.
Through babies, boyfriends, break ups, shitty jobs, moves, unemployment. Through our awkward teenage years, fucking terrible drug experimentation, family problems, boy problems, and so many happy times. Hospital visits, deaths, and all manner of changes.
She's been there for my joys, my triumphs, and my unbearable losses.
She's seen my embarrassments and my humiliations, my weaknesses and she's given me strength.
And whenever I need her, she's always a phone call and a bottle of wine away.
Happy friend-iversary, to my true sister, my Cristina Yang, my hetero-lifemate. 

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