Friday, August 9, 2013

The Friday Diary: According to Jackson, Birthdays Will Kill You

Too funny!
Hey, hey, it's Friday.
I must say, I'm happy to have made it to today.
Not because the week was extra hard. It wasn't.
Not because I feel so old now that I'm 26. I don't.
Just because the other night, two nights before my birthday to be exact, Jackson came to me and said
"You get older and older and older, and then you have another birthday, and then dead."
He said this in his adorable, precious, baby voice, until the end, when he cut his hands through the air with a sense of finality and said "Dead." Just so matter of factly.
He didn't really clarify which birthday I was going to die immediately after, so to be still alive and kicking the day after my birthday is good news to me.
In any case, Friday is here again, and I am pretty super stoked about it.
My hetero-lifemate is coming over tonight to hang out with me for my birthday, and then our friend anniversary is Monday, so tomorrow we'll likely go shopping for our outfits to go get super classy pictures taken at the Walmart portrait studio.
I mean, you gotta do something big to celebrate 12 years of best friendship, right?!
We're dressing up as old lady princess hookers.
It's going to be the best day of my life.

This week was good.
Filled with birthday lunches, ginormous cheeseburgers, perfect gifts from good friends, and a successful first week back at school for the kids. Jackson even made a friend, and Lainie told me last night that when she brought her Harry Potter wand to class for show and tell, she was "like the most popular girl all day".
Way to go, little rock and roller.
Aside from that, I expect a pretty happy and relatively quiet weekend.
I say relatively, because I have two small children, and who am I kidding?

If you're short on stuff to read, you can go back in time to this time last year here, or you can read the incredibly insightful post on why Purity Campaigns are not the message we should be teaching our girls about sex here, and you can listen to my new favorite song here. {Ok I know that's not reading, but it's good and you can look up the lyrics and read those if you want. Shut up.}
So I hope y'all have a splendid Friday, and an awesome weekend.
And watch out for those birthdays.
You never know which one could be your last.

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