Friday, August 23, 2013

The Friday Diary: I have a coffee maker and an Instagram! Guess which one I'm more excited about

Hey, hey, it's Friday!
I thought we'd never make it.
This week was not the most amazing in the history of ever, but hey, we all survived, right?
It's been a while since I've written a legit Friday Diary, and I feel like we have a lot to catch up on with each other.
First of all, I finally bought a real coffee maker.
I know, I know, y'all have been waiting with baited breath for me to make this purchase for so long.
I get it.
I finally have one, his name is George, we've been together for two days, and we're already basically inseperable.
Also, speaking of getting with the times, I got a Smartphone.
It's hardcore crazy to me, and I literally can't stop touching it.
My phone before was an ancient Blackberry that once upon a time was Bill's, and it literally did nothing.
Actually by the time I got my new phone, it really didn't even make calls anymore unless it was plugged into the charger, with your finger holding the batter cover on, while standing on one leg and chanting.
And, since I do everything hardcore or not at all, I also got an Instagram.
I know, I know, trendy and stupid and I'm sure at some point I said I didn't get them, but now, as someone who loves taking random pictures of literally EVERYTHING, I want to say: I get it now.
I really get it.
Yesterday at lunch, I took a picture of the Taco Bell drive through...just because I could.
Someone save me from myself.
Also, if you want to peep me, my username is Radiowaltz, because I keep shit fresh and creative.
Lastly, I have a pen pal.
This is super exciting, because I love handwritten letters, and he sends super long ones that are funny and interesting.
He's also my uncle, so don't get too excited, everyone.
I'm still single.

Well, I think that about wraps it up, don't you?
That's been our life lately.
Weird, crazy, boring, but ours none the less.
Happy Friday!
Don't get pregnant.

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  1. i have made it a point to write letters to a bunch of people from college in an attempt to keep in touch. if you want i'm happy to write to you too! let me know!