Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hi There.

I feel like the days go by so quickly now.
Faster now than they ever did when I worked at Walton.
Entire weeks are over before I know it, and I can't seem to figure out where it all goes.
I realized last night that I haven't posted here since the 10th, and before that it had been since the 1st.
I feel like I've been away so long I should introduce myself again or something, for some of you may see a post from me pop up in your blog roll and think "Who the hell is that? When did I start following this person?"
Well, my name is Sarah.
I'm 26.
I'm a full time photographer, I have two kids and two cats, and my relationship status is forever "complicated". I invented it, I think.
I don't like the color orange, red wine, flavorless food, techno music, or the "do you have a boyfriend?" question.
Sometimes I write, mostly I say inappropriate things and call people too much.
I'm sensitive, honest, and emotional.

On Thursday, I did a mentoring session with an aspiring photographer in Phoenix.
At the end of the day we went out to a trail head by her house and practiced shooting. We didn't have a model, so I let her practice on me.
I do not like photos of me, I rarely let people photograph me, it was hard.
But she produced some of the only pictures of me that I've ever liked, and in the end I was happy. It was a good day. 

My hair is a mess, but it always is. I have no make up on, but I hardly ever do.
The light is beautiful, I was happy that day, and this is who I am.
Forever half totally in control and beyond my years, and half complete fucking mess, who doesn't even brush her hair before she leaves the house.

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