Friday, January 10, 2014

The Friday Diary: This ones kind of funny

This week seemed like it lasted for roughly forever.
Both the kids were home from school for Wednesday and Thursday. Both. The. Kids. I had literally JUST gotten them out of my damn house after two long weeks of Christmas break, and within two days, they're all poopy and fevery and "I can't go to schooooool I don't feel goooooood".
I thought this would never happen, but alas, it is Friday. 

My weekend will be a non-stop party as always.
I have a hot date with a Laundry Mountain in the hallway.
I might make a trip to Target.
I have an engagement session Sunday.

You can't even handle how hardcore I am.

Really though, January has been good so far. 
I made a resolution to choose joy, and aside from the last three days that I have been inexplicably and admittedly completely out of control emotional {thanks lady business} I think I've done and ok job of it.
I feel happier.
I've been getting a ton of shit done in my business that I wanted to do this month. I bought a desk, I'm going to Nebraska, things like that.
I've never been a very bright and shiny person. Like my beloved Meredith, I was kind of born dark and twisty. But being happy is better than I thought it would be.

Now, enough of that.
Let's laugh at immature things.

This next one makes me feel bad about me. I laughed, out loud, alone in my room, for a good five minutes.
The barn has a weak constitution. Funny real estate house and home humor.

And this one is quite literally me...


I agree. I need to grow up. 

Happy friday, hustlers.

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