Monday, July 7, 2014

Taking Stock

lol truth

So, this list is going around like white hot fire lately, encouraging people to take stock of their lives, exactly as they are, in the moment they fill out their list.

Making: Messes. Nothing but messes. The kids have taken over my home, and I no longer posess the will to fight them. At least not until it's less than a billion degrees outside.
Cooking: Right now? Ummm....nothing. I don't think it's safe to cook and blog at the same time. But the last thing I cooked? 26 chicken floutas for my dad's 57th birthday.
Drinking: Coke. Judge me, whatever, at least there's no booze in it.
Reading: East of Eden by Steinbeck, and simultaneously Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham. When you read books by people with several names, one of which is just an initial, it like automatically makes you more gangster.
Wanting: Cooler weather. The Fall/Winter photography season. More stability. A kiss. A drink. A shot of Tequila. The beach. Lots of things/
Looking: Like a hot ass mess because I am currently covered in kids
Playing: Playing like I don't even want that leftover birthday cake in the kitchen. But we all know I do.
Eating: Probably birthday cake, in a minute.
Wishing: That I was better at handling stress, and that things would turn around already
Enjoying: Jackson playing with his cousin Ryder, and for once THEY'RE NOT FIGHTING.
Loving: Being alive. Ha. Just kidding. Birthday cake. I love birthday cake.
Hoping: For better days soon
Needing: A plan
Smelling: What? That's weird. I don't really smell anything right now. Am I supposed to be actively smelling things?
Feeling: Tired
Wearing: Shorts, and a black t-shirt. Sexy, right? I'm so fancy. You already know. 
Following: If I told you, I wouldn't be a very good stalker, now would I?
Noticing: That I get snarky with questionnaires 
Bookmarking: "Breaking your co-dependency with your house cats, in 30 days"

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