Thursday, September 18, 2014

22 {more} things I want to do with you.

John F. Kennedy hugging his wife
  1. Find the Orso
  2. Live on the beach
  3. See the rest of Italy
  4. See the rest of Europe - except the mean places {like Tunisia}
  5. Take a transatlantic cruise
  6. See Blink 182 live
  7. Spend Christmas in New York
  8. Visit Boston and your hometown
  9. Go to a masquerade party
  10. Design our dream house, even if we never get to build it
  11. Eat fish tacos on the beach in Mexico
  12. Mine for gold in the Bering sea
  13. Pick out a Christmas tree
  14. Dress up together for a Halloween party 
  15. Find a bear
  16. Drink Patron, not Mojitos
  17. Learn how to do something neither of us know how to do, together
  18. Go to a wine tasting and heckle the people who take it so seriously
  19. Take a motorcycle road trip
  20. Have a mobster movie marathon
  21. Stay in the tee pee hotel on Route 66
  22. Have a big, juicy, exciting, full life, together.
{Click here for the original list of 62 things I want to do with you, written three years ago this week, and showing what's been accomplished so far.}


  1. You could knock off 7, 8, possibly 9 and 13 in one trip back East. Admittedly, I would really need to see #9 happen for real. :-)

    1. That's what I'm saying!! I would love to go to Boston. It's like my dream. {I have low goals in life}