Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello September

Hello September, oh how I've missed you...

Today is September 7th, which means I have just completed my official first week of September. 
I love September. 
I know that it's not technically the first day of Fall until the 23rd, but I am always happy as hell when this month starts. 
Because Summer tries to kill me.
Laugh all you will, but it does. 
I live in Arizona, but I still want to say that I like Summer. 
Yeah, I know, crazy, right?
But I do. 
I love the beginning of Summer, when you can feel Spring giving way to another season, and everything is bright and fresh, and you know you have 3 months of bathing suits, barbecues, sun screen and vacations ahead of you.
But in Arizona, you also have searing heat.
And if you're me, this is also when everything in your life always falls spectacularly to shit.
Call it fate, call it the turning of the tides, call it my own self fulfilling prophecy, whatever , all I know is that Summertime is always when anything that could go wrong in my life will go wrong. 
If I have a boyfriend, we'll break up, if I have a job I'll lose it, if I have a car it will break down and cost too much to fix, someone will die, etc., etc.. etc. 
And I don't mean just one of these things will happen, I mean ALL of these things that could possibly happen, will happen. 
It's not awesome.
But Fall.
Oh, Fall, my sweet lover.
Fall never hurts me. Fall is always the beginning of things turning around and getting better.
Everything starts to calm down, level out, and put themselves back together.
And not to mention ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved all the Fall decorations in stores and on houses, and the amazing Fall foods like Pumpkin....anything, and cinnamon on everything.
Fall seems homey to me.
Cozy and sweet, like a real family.
Thick sweaters and changing leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows and Thanksgiving. 
I just love all of it.
And of course, Fall gives way to Winter, which is even better.
So this year, as Fall quickly approaches, I will share with you all the things I am looking forward to about this season this year:
Pumpkin coffee from Starbucks
Making the kids pumpkin french toast for breakfast
Cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my little modge podge family
My love
Lainie's birthday
Walks in the crisp Fall night air
Holding hands
Cuddling in the cold
The start of my New Year.

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