Friday, March 2, 2012

The Friday Diary: Big News


Can you believe it's March already?
Yep. This is officially the first Friday of March. 
Holy banana balls. 
Whilst we all freak out about how fast this month is going, let's also take a second to wrap up February. 

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February was a good month:
+Bill and I had our first Valentine's Day together
+The kids and I moved
+I feel like I finally got my bearings and found my groove at work, plus I feel like I really started to gain a little ground in learning how to deal with my boss, who can be a total ass sometimes
+Bill and I had some challenges, but we grew a little closer too
I feel like I learned some big important lessons in the "how to have healthy relationships" category, and I'm getting closer and closer to being a person who doesn't always sabotage her relationships.
Just sometimes.
+I took my first ever sick day at work, the last week of the month when poor Jack Jack came down with a stomach bug to rule all stomach bugs:

Staying home from work did vaguely remind me of being unemployed, which gave me anxiety and made me very badly wish to return to work.
I know, I'm a sick person.


And now for the really big news that was promised to you by the title of this post:
I'm going to Italy.
I found out Monday. Bill asked me to have lunch with him at this little Italian grocery store by my office that has amaaaaaaaaaazing food {and Cannolis}, and he told me very seriously that he wanted me to go to Italy with him.
It was better than being asked for my hand in marriage.
I dropped off my passport application this week, requested the time off work and started working out all the logistics of child care.
All while daydreaming blissfully about wandering through cobblestone streets at nighttime in Rome, giggling by candlelight as I slowly realize I've gotten drunk on desert wine, and exploring the ancient ruins until we're too exhausted to take another step.
Even the flight to Rome is exciting to me, as much as I know it's going to be long, and flying in commercial airplanes scares me more than flying in small private planes. To me it sounds like however many hours, alone with my sweet boyfriend who will probably doze off with his head on my shoulder, while I read Alice in Wonderland.

So there's that, blog friends, dear diary, whatever or whoever I'm writing all this for.
I'm going to Italy, with the love of my life, and it's absolutely all I can think about these days.

Happy Friday.

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