Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I Need to Remember


Things I need to remember right now:

1. I am going to be ok.
2. WE are going to be ok.
3. I can do this.
4. I've done this, one way or another, for almost 9 years. I can do it for 9 more. And another 9 after that. Whatever it takes.
5. No matter what happens, we'll survive.
6. My kids will be ok without gymnastics lessons or soccer teams if they need to go without those things for right now. I can make up for them with love...and ice cream bribes.
7. I am only one person, doing the job of two. Even if I fuck up, I should be proud of myself for what I still achieve every day.
8. We've come a long way in the last year. We can still go further.
9. Don't give up. Don't believe that there isn't hope, or chance, or fortune or luck, or sheer magic. There is. But it only works if you believe in it.
10. I am going to be ok. We will all be ok. Maybe not right now, but in the end. If things aren't ok, then it's obviously not the end.

Please refer me back to this when I feel like I'm barely treading water.

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