Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

So. It's another new year, and I don't know about you but I can't help but feel like...it's just another year.
I don't like this. 
Time seems to pass faster and faster in my life as I get older, and I hate-no, dread the idea of years zipping by in indistinguishable blurs, each one exactly like the last, until I wake up one day, old and bitchy and have no idea why I haven't done any of the things I wanted to do. Wondering where the time went, and what to do now.

For that reason, I am borrowing {with permission} Kate's {from MotleyMama} awesome idea for setting one goal a month for 2013. 
One thing, big or small, that I want to make happen in my life, that would make this year feel a little more...lived.

I'll keep you all posted on how my goals went each month at the end. 


I love my camera, but I don't use it as much as I wish I did, and I still haven't completely mastered it. This month, I will use it every day.



Lainie is such a sweet little girl, and she's growing up so fast. The fact that Jackson is littler, and still needs so much help from me with so many things I think automatically means I spend a little more time with him. But it shouldn't necessarily, and Lainie definitely deserves more one on one time together. So in February, we shall have mom and daughter dates, and they shall be grand.



I love my house. It's the first house I've had as an adult that I've truly loved. I am a little ashamed to admit I still, after almost a year here, have yet to truly make it my own. Decorate, make it homey, etc. I have about a million ideas and things I want to do with it on my Pinterest Boards, but I still haven't done any of them. 
This year, I'm making it happen. 


I will be the first to admit, I can sometimes spend too much money. People's birthdays, holidays, Target...all blackholes of money for me. In April, no spending money on shit we don't need. This obviously doesn't include bills, groceries, doctor's visits or emergency shit, but no eating out, Starbucks {omg} or whatever else. This might be the hardest goal.



More on this to come in May...



I will write, every day. Whether I like it, or fucking want to kill myself. 
Just kidding,



More specifically, take my kids to the beach. Family vacation, baby. Oh yeah. On this trip I want to go sailing, try to surf, and maybe even learn to scuba dive if it's possible.
Dream big, folks.



In August, I am going to quit fucking around and start my book. Really start it. Not jot down a couple bullshit lines here and there, only to delete them and never open the Word doc ever again. I'm gonna really write some shit.
My goal is a chapter a week. 
We'll see.



In September I will stay off Facebook and out of email, and I will take the time to send a letter or care package or some kind of surprise, real life correspondence to each person I care about.



In 2012, some of my personal drama and outright laziness got in the way of me really being there for my friends. I forgot birthdays, ignored phone calls, left text messages unanswered. It was shitty of me. But, in August when shit hit the fan in my relationship, all of my friends were there for me. Even friends I hadn't spoken to in months, or well over a year. 
This year, I'm paying them all back. I'm going to be a great best friend.



The kids want a pet. I, in particular, do not. BUT the kids will only be kids once, and they will only be kids for a little while, and I want them to have the memory of a dog or cat they really loved when they were growing up. So, in November, for Lainie's birthday, I am going to suck it up and get them a pet.



This one might be hard, because it's only a year left to save up for, and I'd be paying for it right around Christmas, but I'm still going to try.

Ok, so there you have it. Not all huge goals, not all of them life changing, but all of them something I'd like to try for, and things I think will stand out when I look back on my life. Our first pet, a family vacation, not buying coffee for a month.

With two kids, I will DEFINITELY remember the month I didn't buy coffee. 

Wish me luck, and happy new year!
Let's live the hell out of this one.


  1. Sarah, this is an absolutely awesome list!! Look forward to seeing and hearing them all come to fruition!!

    My camera broke, and I totally want a nice one like you have in that picture there. Sick! And on that note the photographs in this post are awesome.

    Writing everyday is an amazing goal. I try to post every single day... and yes, sometimes I miss that day but what I usually do is make it up at some point. Sometimes that means multiple posts in one day, but that's fine. Writing a chapter a week, wow, ambitious!! When you finish the book let me know, I wanna read it!

    As I said, all great goals, I look forward to seeing them all come to fruition!

  2. Also, I've been a good deal of places in Europe so if you want suggestions or any help whatsoever in traveling I'm happy to share my experiences!

    1. Excellent, thank you! I'm hoping to do a little country hopping, and visit London, Ireland, Scotland, Paris and Amsterdam. We'll see if I make it to all of them in 10 days! ;)

  3. I'm super excited for our goals that we both have!! We gotta keep each other accountable.

    AND I think you should post at least one picture a day for the month of January. :)

  4. What exciting goals. I really need to pick up my "real" camera more often as well.

    1. What kind do you have? I'm still learning mine. There's so many things it does, its crazy!