Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years in Pictures

This is not a real post. It's just a bunch of pictures from New Years Eve, because I went back to work yesterday after too much time off and too much food, and I'm too tired to give you anything more creative than this. After this, I promise I'll stop talking about the new year, and just get down to living it. Until then though....

Ringing in this year was quiet. Bill and I hung out, had dinner at Z Tejas, and went to Scottsdale for all of five minutes before deciding it was lame and going home. We watched Kathy Griffith get weird with Anderson Cooper on CNN, and we broke our chapagne bottle from last year, in which we'd both put pieces of paper with predictions we'd made about 2012. I didn't see Bill's predictions and he didn't see mine until New Years Eve this year, when we smashed the bottle open with a hammer. It was in fact the world's most indestructible bottle, but it eventually gave. Bill was very proud of his man strength.
Most of my predictions came true, and some of Bills did, but it was still fun to look back and remember what we were thinking and feeling exactly one year ago that day. 
We opened a new bottle, wrote new predictions, and stashed them away to be read next New Years eve, when hopefully the bottle breaks easier, and it's been a better year. 


  1. Definitely a cool idea, the papers in the bottle thing. I'm a fan!

    1. It's so much fun, you should definitely try it! Within a week or two of writing down your predictions, you completely forget what you wrote, so the next year when you break the bottle and read them, it's always a fun surprise. :)