Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Weekend: Tucson, John Dillinger and Bears

This weekend Bill took me to Tucson, where we stayed in the Hotel Congress, which you history buffs know is where John Dillinger and his crew stayed briefly in 1934, where a fire in the hotel lead to his arrest and brief capture. 
In honor of John Dillinger, we drank only Old Fashioneds and almost all pictures were taken in black and white.
We drove out Saturday night, listening to my iPod shuffle us around the entire spectrum of human emotion, and singing/rapping our little hearts out. 
The hotel was very very cool, and the rooms were still decorated as if it were the 30's. I love that. 
We did a little bar hopping, almost explored the third floor of the hotel, which is chained off, and had a super hipster breakfast in the morning of red velvet pancakes, and something called baked eggs {I don't recommend it} at Maynard's Kitchen. 
Sunday afternoon we took a little drive to a wildlife museum, which is like a zoo but more spread out and natural feeling, and there was a bear. 
Pretty much the highlight of my year, and it's only January.
The remainder of 2013 will only pale in comparison.

All in all, a fabulous weekend, and a wonderful surprise, and I couldn't have had a better time.
Gotta love Bill for always coming up with the most interesting and original places to go.

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