Friday, April 19, 2013

The Friday Diary: Turns out it wasn't allerigies. Sorry Lainie.


So you remember yesterday when I said that on Wednesday, I made Lainie go to school with a sore throat because I thought it was allergies? Well, I am the biggest asshole ever, because it turns out we both have strep. 
At least Karma got me back by giving it to me too.
We all three spent the entire day Thursday in bed.
My throat felt like someone had punched it repeatedly and then filled it with sand and broken glass. It was pretty neat. 
I remember when I was younger and antibiotics worked immediately. Now I'm old and they take a couple days to start doing their magic, while I watch Lainie flit around the house Tinker Bell style, screaming "I feel so much better!" after only one dose.
Whatever, I can drive and buy things.
So, what did I do this week, you ask?
Mainly I bitched about my sore throat and acted like the first person to ever experience pain.
The funny thing is I was able to force two complete human beings through my lady parts, after an unreasonable number of hours in labor with both of them, and didn't take any pain meds for that, but a little bit of strep and I'm all OHDEARGODIJUSTWANTTOLIVE.
Anyway, while I'm still not 100 percent, I am feeling quite a bit better and will be back at work today.
In my absence, I will leave you with some things to read and listen to and look at over the weekend until I return. 
Try to pace yourselves. 

Read this post from Kate about being a Blogger, VS. being a Writer. Good stuff. 

Listen to this song. Have you fallen in love with The Lumineers yet? Because I'm not backing down until you do. 

Follow this guy, on Twitter. He's hilarious. 

Check out this shit, from Pinterest:

And finally, watch this video of season 2-7 bloopers from The Office. The series finale is coming up, and I've been getting caught up on the episodes I missed lately {which was basically everything after Michael Scott left} in remembrance of what a great show it once was. 

Jim and Pam forever.

Happy Friday, everybody.
Go get weird this weekend.

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  1. the office is SUCH a funny show! Steve Carell totally makes it though!!