Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where Have I been?

Where, oh where, have I been these days?
Well, mostly I've been working, Monday through Friday, slavin away.
Then schlepping the kids from school to home, homework time to dinner time, to bed time, to repeat.
And on weekends, I've been running my ass off doing photo shoots and trying to grow my little fledgling business.
I wish I had a cool, awesome, fancy website to share with y'all right now, but that shit takes time and money and right now I'm just getting started, but someday that will be a reality.
Until then, click here.
Pretty, right?
Not bad photography.....right?
Anyway, I am a learn as I go kind of person. 
I was talking about this to one of my best friends the other night.
I can't just sit there, planning something out the my heart burns to do, for months and years, researching and dedicating time to planning and perfecting, and then finally take the first step.
Some people are this way.
I envy these people.
I am not.
I am a feet first, let's do this, we'll figure it out as we go along, kind of girl.
I have known since I was tiny, that in order to be happy with my life I need to do something creative, and I also need to not work for someone else, in a super corporate environment.
I could probably be reasonably happy in a small business, working for someone else, but there would always be that part of me that would stare out the window and want to do it for myself.
So I'm trying.
I have a good starter camera.
I take good pictures.
I learn fast.
I get better with every shoot I do.
And the rest I'm figuring out as I got along.
If that means that when I start out, I change my price points and my specialties a million times, so what.
If that means right now I have a blog and not a website and my URL might change a bunch until I figure out a good platform, so be it.
If that means that I started out trying to grow my portfolio by offering a few free photo sessions to be people I knew, and then quickly discovered I had agreed to do too many for free, and realized that when someone invests nothing in your service, they typically don't value it at all either, that's OK.
I learned that, I set prices, I be more firm, I move on.

So, wish me luck, and if you know anyone in the Phoenix Metro area that wants photos done for anything, help a sister out and pass them my contact info.

I promise I'm not abandoning this blog, and all you awesome peeps who have been emailing me asking where the fuck I am.
I'm just starting a new adventure, and sinking everything I have into it right now.
But this is still my safe place to rant and laugh and cry and celebrate, with people who know me best.

I'll still be here, if you will.


  1. Sarah, So happy for yoU!!! This is awesome! I am just getting back to catching up on blogs (still have a good number to write about my trip to Oregon) and I'm so pumped! I actually have a cousin who lives in Phoenix (I'm pretty sure she's married already) so I will ask my dad and let her know! Best of luck and post pictures for sure!

    1. You're so sweet, thank you! You can see all my latest pics at But I'll definitely post a few here too :)